Despite the inevitable passage of time, Pescarenico has preserved the mysterious charm and nostalgia of those places that "have a soul”.

The old bridge Azzone Visconti, the old houses, which for centuries have watched the quick rush of the Adda, the small square on the river, the narrow streets, the historic convent ... .willbring you backin time.


And at sunset when Breva begins to blow,which together with Tivano is "our" wind, if you will know how to listen, it could seem to hear the lapping of water crossed by boats and the rhythmic beat of the oars, accompanied by cries of generations of fishermen that have passed here.


Here you can choose to sail on the lake and visit countries that are real pearls like BELLAGIO,VARENNA discover beautiful places rich in history and art, to walk, to run or to cycleon the towpaths along the Adda.


You can venture in our mountains, which can satisfy all your desires and needs, from walks to real climbs: if you look up to"a true Lombard sky, so beautiful when it is beautiful" ( A. Manzoni ) you’ll surely be fascinated by the characteristics peaks of Mount Resegone that overlooks the city and by the imposing rock climbing of Grigne, known worldwide.

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